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Each of our patients are evaluated and treated by a licensed PT and a plan of care is established that reflects best practices and evidence-based interventions designed to achieve the best possible outcome for your ailment.

Physical Therapy

Manual and movement based orthopedic physical therapy in the Moorpark area.

Myofasical Release

Hands on technique that involves applying sustained pressure to the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restoring motion.


Your body is like a car in that it might need a tune up or an oil change every now and then. Come in to get movement or postural analysis done to prevent more serious injuries down the road.

Post Surgical

Rehab for all types of orthopedic surgeries including but not limited to total knee/hip replacements, rotator cuff, lumbar fusions, discectomies, ACL reconstruction and meniscus repairs.

Headache Relief

Most headaches are caused by tension in your neck and upper shoulders which can be resolved through physical therapy. Dr. Flores uses a hands on approach and the patient education to get rid of your pain.

Back Pain Relief

200 million Americans suffer from back pain and most of it can be managed through physical therapy. Dr. Flores specialized in a hands on approach, finding the injured tissue and eliminating the pain.


Our Team

Our Team

Our PT’s are highly trained and qualified to understand the nature of your condition, ascertain the phase of your condition and plan and implement appropriate interventions that will facilitate healing, recovery, enhanced functioning, and prevent further injury. Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified to bring this perspective to your care and are indispensable professional to enhance your health and wellness.



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